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DVI, Digital Visual Interface, is a kind of standard interface developed by the Digital Display ,Working Group (DDWG) .It is widely used for high-speed connection between calculating device (such as AGP card) and display device ,or digital visual connection between the computer and projector .DVI is also compatible with traditional analog display device such as VGA DFP. There are three different DVI interfaces.
DVI-A: Designed for analog signal compatible with VGA interface and P&D analog interface.
DVI-D: Designed for digital signals, compatible with P&D interface and DFP digital interface.
DVI-I : An integrated interface ,designed for both analog and digital signals.
DVI: Effectively decreases the interference of common mode noise by using TMDS technology (Translation Minimized Differential Signaling).
The dual-channel-parallel transmission structure has solved the problem of insufficient frequency bandwidth since TMDS is limited to 165MHz. In order to meet customer’s demands, Daytone has successfully developed a super-long DVI cable in support of length up to 20 meters.
DVI Series
DVI 29P M to DVI 29P M with Ferrite core×2 Reticulation cable
LFH 60P M to U3.5m
DVI 25P Jack to LFH 60P Plug
DVI 29P to DVI 29P M
With Ferrite core ×2 cable
DVI 29P M to HDMI 19P M
With Reticulation Cable With Ferrite core
DD 25P M to DD 25P M
With Ferrite core×2

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