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Cable Assembly
- USB Type C Cable
- USB 3.0 Cable
- USB 2.0 Series
- Fiber Optics
- Apple Series
- HDMI Series
- RF Cable
- NET/ANT Series
- Display Series
- PC Series
- Micro Phone Series
- AV Series
- Wire Harness
- SATA Series
- VGA Series
- DVI Series
- IEEE 1394 Series
- SCSI Series
- Game Series
Automotive wire harness
Adapter & Hub
Car Charger
Wall Charger
Cassette Adapter
Firewire is a kind of interface technology developed by Apple. It is used to connect high-speed input and output in PC peripheral device or home theater system, it is a kind I/O interface with wide bandwidth and easy to use, supported by Canon, Epson, HP, JVC, etc. , Mitsubishi, Matsushita (Panasonic), Pioneer, Sam-sung, Song ,and Texas Instruments. Products include DV, portable external HD, MP3, etc.
There are 1394a and newly 1394b versions of firewire and maximum transmission distance is 4.5 meters. The 1394a is capable of transmitting data at 400Mbps and 1394b can achieve 800Mbps.
IEEE 1394 Series
1394 Plug 9P to 9P cable Clear plug gold plated
1394 Plug 6P to 4P cable Black plug nickel plated
1394 Plug 6P to 4P cable Clear plug nickel plated
1394 Plug 6P to 4P cable white plug nickel plated

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