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USB3.0 V1.0  is the latest version of USB and is released formally in December 22nd.2008.
USB3.0 is also named as Super Speed USB.
It delivers transfer rate of 5Gbps which is 10 times of speed than USB2.0.

USB Cable
    USB (Universal Series Bus) is computer industry standard developed by Compaq, Intel, Microsoft and NEC, etc. It is widely applied in computers and their peripheral device, such as printer, keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera and so on .USB is PnP and can connect up to 127 devices.
    There are two editions. USB1.0 for full speed, and 2.0 for high speed .The maximum transfer speed rate of 1.0 is 12Mbps while it is 480Mbps in 2.0. There are three types of USB connectors: type A ,type B ,and type Mini B. The standard connections are :A to B, A to Mini B , and A to Open .USB cable contains one pair of twisted wires, two non-twisted power wires and shielding wire. 28 AWG wire with tin plated is recommended as conductor for signal, green/white PE as insulation. Power wire can be 28 AWG or 20 AWG tin-plated copper wire with red/black SR-PVC as insulation. The maximum transmission length of USB cable is 5.0meters.
    September, 2006, USB Association issues Micro USB Standard and the Maximum transmission speed reaches 2.5Gbps. Daytone has developed this products which have been certified by USB2.0 organization and CMX, CM, CL3 from UL.

USB 2.0 Series
USB 2.0 Reversible A to USB 2.0 Micro B Male
USB "A" Plug to USB "A" Jack×4
USB "A" Plug to USB "A" Jack×4
USB "A" Plug to micro USB Plug
USB "A" M to Mobile phone Plug
USB "A" M to NOKIA Plug

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