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Cable Assembly
- USB Type C Cable
- USB 3.0 Cable
- USB 2.0 Series
- Fiber Optics
- Apple Series
- HDMI Series
- RF Cable
- NET/ANT Series
- Display Series
- PC Series
- Micro Phone Series
- AV Series
- Wire Harness
- SATA Series
- VGA Series
- DVI Series
- IEEE 1394 Series
- SCSI Series
- Game Series
Automotive wire harness
Adapter & Hub
Car Charger
Wall Charger
Cassette Adapter
Ethernet Round And Flat Cable


Code colors: BL/WH-BL, OR/WH-OR, GN/GN-WH and BR/BR-WH

Molding type, with inner and over molding.


Electrical Test:

Insulation resistance: 10MΩ Min.

Conduct Resistance: 1.5Ω Max.

Performance test:
Durability: 750 mating cycles
100% patch cord test for Cat6A, Cat6 and optional for Cat5e patch cord.

Fluke test(DSX-5000):

Run all TIA CAT 5e all channel tests+HDTDR and hdtdx (this includes TLC and CMRL);

RL Margin>7db;

NEXT margin>20db; Limit 60db, 0~150MHz;

TCL>40db (0~50MHz) and >30db (50~150MHz), Maxium 20db Spread;

CRML-No pair can completely separate from the other pairs by > 2db along the entire frequency range from 0 to 150 MHz (I.E. No CMRL pair outliers are allowed).

Identification of faults along the cable: Run HDTDR(For RL), No impedance change>+/-10% and run HDTDX(For NEXT), No impedance change>+/-10%.


Length: 0.5 to 100m (optional)


All products, includes packing materials are REACH compliant