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FPC ZIF FINGER refer to APN 998-5655.

Rolled Annealed Copper Foil (RA)

FPC COVERLAY material: HXC1225

Cosmetic color: MATT black. Glossiness: 30GU+/-5GU.

Materials meet Halogen-free.

Land can withstand 340, 15s soldering workmanship.

FPC can withstand 180 degree to fold/bend@80 cycles.

Thickness for Land of Back board lamination: 0.1mm

TOP view, gold plating thickness for finger: 0.025~0.075um@based Ni Plating 2~3.75um. But also can pass salt spray and nitric acid experiment


Thickness for outermost layer Doubled-sided tapes: 0.05mm, Material: FT7383.

Pulling tape material for hand: PET, Color: MATTE black. Thickness: 0.05mm

FPC top view: Tin-Plating thickness for soldering land area: 10~20um

Add stiffener board on the back of ZIF finger, Stiffener board thickness: 0.2+/-0.03mm

FPC bottom view, Add stiffener board on the back of soldering land. Stiffener board thickness: 0.1mm

FPC bottom view: preparation glue FT7383, thickness: 0.05mm

Inserting and withdraw test for gold-finger: Need check cosmetic and electrical properties after 15 cycles.

Salt Spray test: 2Hours for Gold-plating area @35, 5%Nacl(pray),
High temperature and high-humidity test: 7 days(
, 95% Humidity)

Contact resistance between land and PIN: 0.06Ω Max.